About the new Nyéléni process

25 years after the creation of the concept of Food Sovereignty, the moment is now to launch a process to deepen and widen the principles and concepts for food sovereignty and invite global movements to articulate an intersectional convergence towards joint proposals for system change.

From the IPC we are calling for a new edition of the Nyéléni Process (2022), that is going to culminate in the Global Nyéléni Forum. This is a critical and huge undertaking that will involve a democratic consultation in regions and territories in which IPC is organized.

We plan to bring together hundreds of thousands of people, peasants, small-scale fishers, Indigenous Peoples, consumers, NGOs and scholars – to discuss and propose solutions and priorities for the next twenty- five years of our collective struggle for food sovereignty.

The outcomes of this global consultation process will be presented in the Nyéléni Forum. In which hundreds of delegates from all over the world will discuss strategies and solutions for more just and ecological food systems. And will relaunch a global alliance capable of counteracting the forces that are pushing the world into a deeper, multidimensional crisis.

For more information on the process towards the upcoming Nyéléni forum, check the IPC website.