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Newsletter no 10 - "Green" Economy

Wednesday 2 April 2014, by Manu

This June in Rio de Janeiro the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development
Rio+20 will be held, marking two decades since the Earth Summit. The “green”
economy will be the main theme of discussion and debates at the Rio+20 summit, this
concept represents a way of transforming the environmental crisis into a tool for capital
accumulation – considering that in current times the capitalist system regards markets
as the primary medium for responding to the global environmental crisis, and the green
economy marks an attempt to make this system appear “sustainable”. The current edition
of the Nyéléni Newsletter opens and invites discussion on the green economy, adding
various elements to the debate and providing alternatives. What is certainly clear
is that international capital is organizing to appropriate territories, to transform nature
into another form of merchandise, all the while increasing exploitation and privatization.
The “green” economy elevates the principles of commerce and profit above any form
of social consideration, above even the reproduction of life itself. Our challenge is to
continue building on our mobilization capacities in our territories, based on solidarity,
internationalism and the integration of peoples to convert our struggles in realities.
Our principle tasks are to globalize hope, and to globalize resistance.

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- "Green" Economy