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Nyéléni 2007 - Forum for Food Sovereignty. 23rd - 27th February 2007. Sélingué. Mali
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Declaration of Nyéléni in different languages

Deklaracja z Nyéléni

Erklärung von Nyéléni

Declaraçao de Nyélény

Dichiarazione di Nyéléni

Erklæring fra Nyéléni

Deklarasi Nyéléni

닐레니(Nyéléni) 선언

Declaration of Nyéléni

Declaration de Nyéléni

Declaración de Nyéléni

Verklaring van Nyéléni

Nyéléni Nyilatkozat

Video: Hugo Chavez
Video Message to Nyéléni 2007 from the President of Venezuela, Hugo Chavez.

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Documents published in this section
Thursday 20 July 2006
Invited Delegates Only
[; Now is the time for Food Sovereignty!; ]
The International Steering Committee, organisers of Nyéléni 2007 - Forum for Food Sovereignty, have been delighted but overwhelmed by the amount of interest in Nyéléni 2007 and wants to inform you that the Forum cannot receive more delegates than those that have been invited. Delegates have been selected in the regions on the basis of regional, sectoral and gender balance as representatives of social movements and organisations that have endorsed the (...)

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Thursday 20 July 2006
The objectives
[("Food sovereignty is the right of peoples to define their own food and agriculture policies, to protect and regulate domestic agricultural production and trade so as to attain their objectives of sustainable development, to determine in what measure they want to be autonomous and to limit the dumping of products on their markets".)]
Food sovereignty is thus an alternative to the neo-liberal agricultural policies imposed by the World Trade Organisation, The World Bank and the International (...)

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Thursday 20 July 2006
A forum in the countryside
[(The World Forum for Food Sovereignty (WFFS) will take place in the countryside, at Sélingué, a village 1:45 hours away from Bamako, near a hydroelectric dam on the river Sankarani, an affluent of the Niger, close to the border with Guinea.)] [*This choice was made to allow the debate on food and agriculture to take place in a rural and agricultural context. *] It’s a political choice which aims to show the coherence between the proposals for food sovereignty and the means necessary to (...)

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Thursday 20 July 2006
Nyeleni was a woman...
[*The organisations in Mali wanted to give the World Forum for Food Sovereignty a name which would have meaning to the farmers of their country. They chose Nyéléni 2007.*]
2Ibrahim’s speech:2
"In Mali there is a powerful symbol which could serve as the symbol of food sovereignty. It’s a woman who left her mark in the history of Mali, as a woman and as a great farmer. When you mention her name everyone knows what this name represents. She is the mother who brings food, the mother who farms, (...)

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Thursday 20 July 2006
General presentation
An alliance of social movements has taken the initiative of organising an international meeting on food sovereignty in Mali in February 23-27, 2007.
The principle of food sovereignty was first launched by Via Campesina in 1996 during the FAO World Food Summit which took place in Rome.
Since then food sovereignty is playing an increasingly important rolein the debate on agriculture and alternatives to neo-liberal policies. Before the introduction of the food sovereignty policy framwork, (...)

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Friday 3 November 2006
by jmdesfilhes
To get further information concerning the World Forum for Food Sovereignty, you can contact one of the persons listed below :
North America
Andriana Natsoulas
Food & Water Watch -Washington -USA
Tel + 1 202 797 6550
Latin Amercia & Caraïbes
Alberto Villarreal
San Jose 1423, 11 200 Montevideo,
Tel/Fax: 5982 902 2355 or 5982 908 2730
Email: _[
Ibrahima Coulibaly
Kalaban Koura, Rue 200 Porte 727 (...)

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