Call to action

Time for food sovereignty Take part in the struggle against corporate control of our food, fish and agriculture. The time is overripe for food sovereignty […]

Towards a food sovereignty action agenda

February 2007 From: International Steering Committee (ISC) To: Participants Towards a food sovereignty action agenda (PDF – whole document) At Nyéléni 2007, delegates will debate […]

Theme 1. Trade Policies and Local Markets

THEMATIC WORKING GROUP 1 – DISCUSSION GUIDANCE NOTE Food sovereignty is the right of peoples to define their own food and agriculture policies; to protect […]

Theme 2. Local Knowledge and Technology

THEMATIC WORKING GROUP 2 – DISCUSSION GUIDANCE NOTE CONTEXT Until relatively recently, knowledge about how to produce or collect food was the domain of rural […]

Theme 6. Migration

THEMATIC WORKING GROUP 6 – DISCUSSION GUIDANCE NOTE CONTEXTThe liberalisation of international agricultural trade, the forced opening of national markets, the lowering of customs duties, […]