Press Kit

Food Sovereignty Forum – Mali – 23rd to 27th of February 2007
Nyéléni 2007

The Mali based organisations wanted to give the International Forum for Food Sovereignty a name which held special meaning for the peasants and farmers of their country. They chose “Nyéléni” 2007.

“In Mali there is a powerful symbol which could serve as the symbol of food sovereignty. It’s a woman who left her mark in the history of Mali, as a woman and as a great farmer. When you mention her name everyone knows what this name represents. She is the mother who brings food, the mother who farms, who fought for her recognition as a woman in an environment which wasn’t favourable to her. This woman was called Nyéléni. If we use this symbol everyone in Mali will know that it’s a struggle for food, a struggle for food sovereignty.” Ibrahim Coulibaly

1. Objectives of the forum
2. Mali and the village of Selingue
3. Synopses of the program
4. The participants
5. The Steering committee
6. Food sovereignty: What is it ?
7. Accreditation for journalists

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